What's your ideas for growth in Tishomingo?
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*(1) of many ways for growth*
If you came up with a good product that most everyone liked, would you market it and capitalize on its potential? I think the answer would be YES! Well... Tishomingo has such a product that's not being fully marketed and capitalized on to its full enormous potential. What is it? "Water" and a lot of it in the form of a LAKE. We have people from a 200+ mile radius of Pickwick Lake that use our product ever day and really use it enormously on the weekends. The largest number of the folks on the weekend come from Tupelo and Memphis. They've worked hard for 5 days and they're ready to play hard for 2 days. We do get some good revenue from these tourist, but we could get much more and give them much more, by way of more things to do at the lake. In fact, some may even decide to spend their vacation here instead of going to Florida.

What can we do to get this untapped tourism revenue and even attract more tourist to the lake? MAKE ALL MARINAS "RESORT STATUS". Un-tie the marina workhorse hands that handle our great widely use product, the lake. This would allow the marinas to capitalize on all the tourist on the lake and give them what they would like, more things to do at Pickwick Lake. In fact, we want folks thinking Pickwick Lake when their minds are deciding what to do today or this coming weekend. The marinas on Pickwick Lake are mostly in Tishomingo, with "Resort Status" we'll see and take advantage of this huge opportunity. What would the marinas do with "Resort Status"? EXPAND and CREATE JOBS. You could even see some nice restaurants built and open.

This additional revenue from the lake - COULD LOWER LOCAL RESIDENT PROPERTY TAXES, could repave our roads, could create many county jobs, etc..

Two marinas just tried to get "Resort Status" by asking the Tishomingo County Supervisors to vote for them to have "Resort Status". These supervisors didn't even have the guts or maybe business experience to realize the potential to vote. They didn't even bring it to a vote of Yes or No. They just decided not to do anything. What does that tell you? We need new supervisors that can see the business potential of our county. These current supervisors would be good for a place like Wynne Arkansas - not a place like Tishomingo County with its untapped potential. I will have to say we have (1) good supervisor Greg Collier that understands business, but he has no one to work with in his group.

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